Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo LLP is a full service litigation and dispute resolution firm that works with clients to develop and implement litigation strategies focused on meeting its clients’ business objectives.  At all stages of litigation or potential litigation, including pre-litigation counseling though trial and appeal, Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo is designed to deliver the highest level of litigation representation in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  From patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret intellectual property litigation to commercial litigation involving contract, licensing, and employment disputes, Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo brings an unmatched combination of high quality dispute resolution ability with the personal attention and dedication that each of our clients demands and deserves.

Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo’s litigators have decades of top quality litigation experience, representing clients in fields such as consumer and commercial electronics, life sciences, arts and entertainment, software, video games, mobile app development, LED lighting, business methods, and industrial chemicals and production.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in litigations in both federal and state court, in § 337 patent disputes before the International Trade Commission, and in Inter Partes Review Proceedings before the U.S Patent & Trademark Office.

At Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo, we recognize and appreciate that every client has different goals and needs, both short and long term.  We do not apply a one-size-fits-all litigation approach to every client or case, working with our clients to deliver successful results that fit each individual client.  Our clients range from industry leaders and top universities with extensive experience in various disputes, to cutting edge companies involved in their first litigation or legal dispute.  Regardless of size or experience, each of our clients gets the same personal, top level attention and focus on that particular client’s needs and litigation matters.

Intellectual Property Patent and Trademark Litigation

Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo is adept at bringing litigation and other dispute proceedings to enforce your intellectual property rights against companies infringing your patents, trademarks or copyrights or misappropriating your trade secrets, including competitors using your IP to take business and market share from your company.  Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo also extensively defends its clients against claims of infringement or misappropriation.  If you have received a cease and desist letter, or otherwise been threatened with litigation, we will develop a comprehensive defense strategy that fits your particular technology or field, and is designed to bring about a successful resolution of the dispute.  When appropriate, we work hard to achieve the most cost-effective successful resolution prior to trial, but when that is not possible or practicable, our litigation teams have extensive trial experience, and are fully prepared to see your matter through to achieve a successful outcome.   Many of our patent litigation attorneys have science backgrounds, including advanced science degrees and industry experience.  Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo’s extensive experience handling patent litigation matters, combined with our expertise in patent prosecution, makes us extremely efficient at delivering top quality patent litigation representation extremely efficiently.

Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo’s patent litigation group has particular expertise and experience in Hatch-Waxman litigation.   Developing comprehensive patent strategies is critical for both traditional pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical innovators and generics.  Our experienced attorneys are expert at working with our clients to develop specific cost-effective strategies for maximizing each client’s patent position in their field.  We suggest non-infringing alternatives and outline options for a matter early in the development process, when options and return on investment can be maximized.

Commercial litigation

Clients turn to Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo to resolve a wide variety of their business disputes.  Chinta Perdomo Berks & Fratangelo’s patent, trademark, copyright, and creative arts and entertainment practices give us unique abilities to resolve our client’s business disputes in the broader context of each client’s business and short and long term business strategies.  Our litigators’ extensive experience at all stages of litigation from pre-litigation advice and planning through discovery to trial and appeal allows us to handle our clients’ commercial disputes in an efficient, cost-effective manner that is always designed to achieve the clients’ business objectives.